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graphics are yum

So...based on this fact; I spam Live Journal with my graphics of recklessness! :DD

I am bearrs and this is my own community to post (as I hinted earlier) graphics! This consists of icons, wallpapers, signatures, etc. I'm not good at making Profile or LJ layouts so those will probably never be on here (but I do hope to learn to make them so be prepared to drop your jaw at the FAIL~)

Below are the demands rules for my community in taking my graphics, and just rules for my community in general (for commenting.)

Since it's just me posting to this community the membership is closed. But you can watch/friend this community to get updates! :D That would make me one happy weasel.

community rules

Everyone is allowed to comment, and take my graphics, but you must credit me as the creator of said graphics.

Here are some rules to follow:

[ ♣ ] always credit either this community (vintage_wonder) or me personally (bearrs)

[ ♣ ] do not keep posting in my entries or PMing me asking when I will update with new graphics. Most of the time I will not because of rude behavior; making it hard on the both of us.

[ ♣ ] Textless icons, wallpapers etc. are not to be used as base icons. I will tell you if certain posts, or icons etc. can be used as bases. If not indicated, please assume they are not.

[ ♣ ] Enjoy them!! I want to spread the love so be sure to stop by regularly and see what new things I've come to create from my abstract mind! C:

ALSO you may request an anime, manga, or tv show (or the occasional music group) for me to graphic a size. XD More instructions about this can be found here: MOAR

♥ profile layout by papersugar

Profile Layout made and © to papersugar
Community LJ layout made and © to minty_peach
Community header and sidebar header made and © to bearrs

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